Jul 2013 | by Mandar Rajiv Mehta

Don't Stall on Your Stall

As an industry, perhaps the most vital platform to showcase your products and offerings are trade shows. Purchase heads of industry giants are always on the lookout for their next promising vendor at such trade shows and hence your company's projection at such events viz. your stall is not at all to be taken lightly. Put your best foot forward and do not leave any stone unturned when designing your stall at your next big event. Stall installations do not have to be an extravagant affair. They just need to be thoughtful enough to give visitors a unique and memorable experience.

For example – In 2012, Exhibitor Magazine voted the trade show booth design of Brunner GmbH, a German chair designer, as their top award winning trade show booth display. Their design cleverly used colorful plastic chairs suspended on wires to make an arrangement overhead their booth. This gave a very artistic impact and won the stall an award.

Integrating technology with the human element in trade show booth design is what elevated Visio, a consumer electronics manufacturer, to the top of their category to win the 2012 Event Design Award. By creating actual full size representations of business meeting rooms for guests to experience in person, they tapped into the essential need for humans to interact not only with each other, but also by using the latest in technology tools.

While these are just a couple of examples of top trade show booth designs for 2012, there were several winning elements that set the stage for the best trade show displays and booth design overall. More than bringing in a 'WOW' factor, these installations have set the stage for this year by inspiring vendors and industries to rethink their conventional design.

For this year, take a breather and rethink your approach towards your stall. Explore what new technology has to offer you and make the best use of it. Here are a few pointers that you should focus on:

  • Colorful and clean graphics with a modern, yet classic tone that brands the company effectively.
  • Hands on interactivity between trade show visitors and technology to encourage a level of comfort.
  • Reactive trade show booths that respond to the movements of consumers.
  • Integrated social media allowing visitors to share their favorite trade show vendors.
  • The use of impactful imagery and lighting to draw the eyes up to ceiling displays.
  • Real world scenarios displayed prominently for the benefit of consumers to try before buying.
  • Inviting displays that encourage onlookers to enter trade show booths and participate in hands on activities.

Let all your endeavors be a reflection of your business's personality and results shall always follow.