Jun 2012 | by Khushboo Vyas

5 Challenges in Industrial Content Writing

Posing the Right Questions: To write precise content for an industrial client, the writer must first, understand the brief in detail. It is imperative to get an in-depth understanding of what the client wishes to portray about the brand. If the writer poses the wrong questions, the answers will not be apt, giving significance to the wrong details in the final copy.

Understanding the Brand Highlights: A client may - in accordance with his/her needs - want specific content written for different mediums. So, depending on the medium the client needs the copy written for, the writer must be able to highlight the right aspects. For instance, a unique selling point may be highlighted for a product or service advertisement, where as in depth technical and management details ought to be included for content meant for a website or a publication.

Technical Details v/s Ornamentation: Comprehending the technical aspects of the product or service is a huge challenge in itself. A bigger challenge is to be able to put across those details in the common man’s language. Industrial content includes technical details since the main aim is to inform consumers about the manufacturing as well as processing particulars. Sometimes a writer may overdo the technical aspect as compared to the ornamentation of text or vice versa. To get clear and clean copy for industrial products or services, the content must have a balance of technical and finer details as well as flowery language.

Paragraphs v/s Points: Readers enjoy short and precise content. Writers tend to elaborate on all the points and areas of a topic because they believe that their readers have a right to know everything. However, over time studies have proven that people comprehend shorter and simpler text sooner and better than long paragraphs that go into pages. In any case, industrial content includes technical aspects, which are not easy for the common man to understand. The crisper the content, easier it will be for the target audience to understand the details of the product as well as services offered by industrial clients.

Connecting Local Availabilities to the World: Industrial copy may be used in various media to create a brand image. The content should be precise with the correct technical details that are also easy to comprehend for people anywhere in the world. The industrial content written must bridge the gap between industry representatives around the world. If a supplier in UK would like to get in touch with a local vendor in India, he must easily understand what products or services the vendor offers through the company literature.